Maha Movie Latest News "BHAI ARJUNA"

 Arjuna (Ramana), who studies aeronautical engineering in Australia, returns to Chennai after a two-year absence and reminisces about the events that had led him to leave the country.

Arjuna and his elder brother Dharma (Feroz Khan) were orphans who were brought up by the rowdy Mani (Rajendran). Dharma did not want his brother Arjuna to follow in his footsteps and made his brother study aeronautical engineering. Dharma then left Mani's gang and became a powerful don. Arjuna was in love with Radhika (Ashima Bhalla), the daughter of Police Commissioner Vedagiri (Suman). Radhika also fell in love with him, but when she came to know about his brother's profession, she felt pessimistic. To fulfil his brother's wish, Dharma requested Vedagiri to give his daughter in marriage to his brother, but Vedagiri humiliated Dharma and beat him up with his shoe. An angry Arjuna beat Vedagiri in turn with his shoe in front of Radhika and told him that he did not want to marry Radhika anymore. After this incident, Arjuna went back to Australia, and Dharma left his don life. Dharma surrendered himself to the government, and he was thus leading a peaceful life.

Back to the present, Mani sequesters Dharma and requests Arjuna to save Radhika who was abducted by a tribe, and in return, Mani promises to release his brother. Mani is in fact following Vedagiri's instruction. Arjuna then saves Radhika, who is still in love with him, but Vedagiri cannot forget the humiliation and wants to take revenge on Dharma and Arjuna. The Chief Minister (Arun Pandian) gives free rein to the police to end rowdyism and orders to encounter all the rowdies, including the reformed don Dharma. The police shot all the rowdies, including Mani and Dharma's right-hand man Kaaka (Bala Singh). The film ends with Dharma and Vedagiri shooting each other to death. 


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