Maha Movie Latest News "GHAR EK CHAMBAL"


 Man Jitesh and heroine Riya are studying in different colleges. Riya's father, Kota Siniwasarao, is a minister. Police officer Peroscan is trying to catch the militant Zinta in the jungle under his leadership. He catches Zinta's brother at the place where he went to catch him.

Meanwhile, Jitz and Riya, who are studying in different colleges, have joined the NSS in the forest area. Going to camp. Zinta learns that Riya is the minister's daughter and kidnaps Jitez and Riya. Zinta holds them hostage and demands the release of his brother.

But Peroscan is being treated at the hospital for stabbing Zinta's uncle. Peroscan therefore asks for 20 days to release his brother. Zinta agrees. Meanwhile, Peroscan goes to the forest to catch Zinta. In this situation, Jitesh and Riya fall in love with the hostages in the forest.

At one point they escape from the militant Zinta. Meanwhile, Minister Kota Siniwasarao is planning to kill his daughter Riya for some reason. For this he sends a separate force into the forest.Did Riya eventually fall victim to Kota Srinivasa Rao's plan? Did Jitz and Riya get together? Did Peroscan catch Zinta? Is the rest of the story.


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