Maha Movie Latest News "THE HERO ABHIMANYU"

 Jaipur-based Inspector Abhimanyu single-handedly rescues Pinky, the grand-daughter of the Mukhya Mantri from the clutches of Azghar, and then goes on to arrest a Catholic Priest, Father Dominique, who was luring young boys in a lucrative flesh trade. After antiques statues are stolen from various Mandirs, he is assigned this task and instructed to not only investigate but also arrest the suspect, Garudnarayan Chaudhary. With the help of V.V. News Reporter, Anjali Saxena, and Sub-Inspector Simran, he sets out to entrap Garudnarayan - albeit in vain. He nevertheless persists - not realizing that a Mahabharat-like trap has been laid for him - and as Arjun's son was entrapped - he will soon find himself ensnared in a web of deception and deceit that even the entry of the Pandavas will not assist in preventing his death.


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