Maha Movie Latest New "SEEDHI TAKKAR"

 Nasser becomes the leader of a mountain village. Obeying his word, all the people of that town follow him. Nasser is the guardian of the city, deciding all the good and bad of the city. In this situation, a minister is planning to evict the villagers and settle the village.

He intends to use the police, the forest department and politics to evict the villagers. But the villagers refuse to leave the village. Nasser, the leader of the gang, is killed in an attempt to force them out.

In addition, the police arrested and tortured many of the village youth leaders, including Mahendran and Vinod, under the Naxalite label. In addition, Mahendran's girlfriend Tanu Shetty is raped in an attempt to save them.

Thus Shetty engages in various struggles to save his village and the people of his village. Was their mountain village finally recaptured? Were the imprisoned villagers and youth released? Did the ministers retaliate? Did they get justice? Is the rest of the story of the film.


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